Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.49: The Old Ways

Evidence of ritualistic activities discovered during a recent visit to Horsingdon Woods, in the vicinity of the wych elm; indeed, modernity’s incursions into the region have had little or no impact upon the practice of witchcraft and the keeping of the Old Ways amongst some sectors of the population.  

Note the intersection of the logs into a cross-like shape. Certain traditions hold that, during the Christian era, the cross or crucifix was typically trampled upon as part of the rites of witchcraft. This was less an embrasure of the Devil and all His works, and more a political act: the rejection of a false teleological futurity which welcomed apocalypse in favour of a timeless, traditionalistic primordialism (equally problematic in its own way). Either way, these are the artificial ways and doctrines of a species which mistakenly thinks itself significant in relation to topographies which are, in fact, wholly indifferent. As far as humanity is concerned, there are no ideological victors when it comes to the Horsingdon landscape, or to the Powers that inhabit it, or to the infinite worlds with which it intersects.

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