Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.57: The Bunker

Locally known as 'the bunker', this curious building stands opposite the intersection between Eastcote Lane and Hallowmere Road.

The structure contains no windows, and only a single, unnumbered door. Whilst sounds are occasionally heard emanating from within the house, for years no one has ever been seen entering or leaving the building. My own investigations indicate that the house is owned by the Boreham estate, and that at one time it was the residence of Richard Boreham, James Boreham's one-and-only child - who, it is said, was born severely disfigured and of an unknown mother. At the time the latter fact apparently led to no end of speculation amongst the local populace as to Richard's parentage on his mother's side, eliciting sinister undertones regarding the possible involvement of Those Who Wait, or someother praeternatural agency, where his matrilineal line of descent was concerned. Whilst Richard Boreham's birth certificate - listing his mother as 'unknown' - is a matter of public record, I have yet to locate any documentation concerning his death or burial.

In his published letters, Roland Franklyn briefly alludes to the fact that, during his time in Horsingdon, he was able to secure an interview with the occupant of this building. There then follows a pause of about two weeks in his letter-writing, during which time he was in fact being treated at the psychiatric ward of Northwich Park Hospital for a severe case of (what at the time was referred to as) 'nervous shock'.

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