Tuesday, February 07, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.38: The View From Southcote Station

Platform 2 of Southcote Station, served by both the London Underground and Overground, in the direction of Northwich Park Station. The line follows (some would say was purposely built upon) the occulted topographies of what some locals refer to as 'The Secret Alleys'. There have been at least two instances over the last decade of late-night communters having inexplicably gone missing whilst waiting on the platform for the last train. On one occasion, CCTV footage showed one individual walk unsteadily backwards from the edge of the platform - as if retreating from something - into a pool of shadow at an unlighted part of the station. Close examination of the footage seemed to indicate that they never actually reappeared out of the shadowy depths into which, apparently, they had fallen; in the second instance, a young man shown standing alone on the platform seemed to disappear mysteriously after a brief burst of static interference caused a break in the recording of the station's CCTV cameras. There have been additional reports by freight-train drivers of having to make emergency stops along the line (typically around 3am in the morning) on account of a hooded figure seen wandering about the tracks - a hooded figure which, according to one witness, possessed a glowing sphere of sickly-blue phosphorescent light where it's face should have been.

I have always found the eerie hum of the tracks along this part of the line profoundly unsettling: a resonance which, it seems to me, could only emanate from some other, more terrible world than this.

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