Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.171: Fearful Frequencies

A transmitter array by the side of the train line which runs berween Northwich Park Station and Trentford Station. The exact purpose of this lone transmitter remain unclear - as do the reasons for its construction at this particular location (an area of the region replete with witchlore of the most disconcerting kind); regardless, since 1985, the same signal has been transmitting from the site: a perfect sine wave of continuous and uninterrupted repetition, its numb, mindless drone oscillating endlessly through the airwaves.

Those who have heard the transmission typically warn others not to seek it out. They report that it seems to resonate along a scale of harmonics entirely alien to the human experience, registering its vacuous and indecipherable signal in a frequency as fearful as it is unfathomable. These percipients also claim to have been so deeply unnerved by the experience of what they heard that, for days afterwards, they suffered regular blackouts and periods of memory loss. Fortunately, this part of the Horsingdon region remains sparsely populated, suggesting that the array functions as some kind of warning beacon, ensuring that the surrounding landscape - and whatever monstous powers inhere therein - remains forever free from human habitation and interference..

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