Monday, June 19, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.170: A Field of Secrets

This archive photo of a Ministry listening post from the late 1950s - located in a field containing a neolithic barrow not far from Horsingdon Hill - depicts what appears to be a circular or spherical aerial object of unknown origin on the extreme middle-right of the photo. Indeed, newsletters produced by HUFOS (the long-defunct Horsingdon UFO Society) at the time noted regular sightings of unidentifable aerial phenomena in and around the installation, as well as making mention of the supposed disappearance of at least one of the station's personnel around the time of these sightings.

The intallation is now long gone - but the field in which it stood is not entirely bereft of the secrets it once kept: rumour has it that on certain moonless nights ghostly figures, wearing relatively modern military dress, might be observed flickering in and out of reality - all the time wreathed in phosphorescent spectral fire and screaming silently at the unimaginable experiences they endure whilst forever trapped between worlds.

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