Friday, June 09, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.160: A Light at the End of the World

Boreham House under the grey pall of clouds which has covered the region for the entire day in the aftermath of political turmoil. For the most part, a period of meteorlogical calm, but cut through with flashes of actinic tension and uncertainty: an intimation of the discharge of lightning which threatens to tear asunder the atmospheric physics of the Horsingdon skyline; lightning in whose blurred, negative afterimage one is granted a brief and terriying glimpse of a world as we hope it never could be - but which we secretly fear is the way it truly is.

And in the darkness that grows in anticipation of this electrically-charged stormhead, a light appears - suddenly and unexpectedly - in the abandoned upper storey of Boreham House. Given the history of the place, such an event is replete with horrific expectation: at the very least, of a misshapen silhouette spied briefly before the lighted window, signalling the feared but long-expected return of something monstrous.

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