Monday, June 12, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.163: Uncanny Signals, Alien Intelligences.

A vast new transmitter array, in the process of being built, claws its way skyward - shown here from Southcote Station facing towards Northwich Park Station; some distance away to its right, a smaller companion is just visible above the skyline.

A stream of uncanny signals, jagged static and unearthly white noise - contrivances of occulted telecomunications, which fuse cutting-edge digitech and quantum computing with the barely-understood hyperdimensional mechanics revealed by xeno-cryptolinguistic analysis of forbidden tomes of pre-human provenance - spews forth from these esoteric apparatus into the stratosphere and thence to the black gulfs beyond: messages - as unintelligible to the human mind as they are unutterable - cast into the outer voids for the scrutiny of the fathomless alien intelligences which lurk therein. And what fearful response, I wonder, might we one day expect in return?

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