Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.158: Towards the Light.

This stretch of the Ebury Way as it passes through Horsingdon is notorious for a luminescent phenomenon which has waylaid many travellers - and possibly claimed the lives and sanity of more than a few.

What one typically encounters is this: as the pathway along this stretch seems to break through the tunnel of trees, a brilliant luminescence like a dazzling burst of sunlight appears to fill the aperture. Locals often warn wayfarers not to go towards the light should this occur -  and on no account should they step over that blindingly luminous threshold: for its rays are of a deadly, sickening and irradiating light, beyond which can be heard a mindlessly throbbing hum, overlaid by a mad, incessent and atonal piping which traces its ineffable rhythm from neither this nor any other sane world or universe.

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