Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.161: Graveyard Statuary

St. Osmund's Church has now been completely boarded up - although disoncertingly a Black Bower has been erected within the bounds of its cemetary, where, it seems, an increasing number of graves have been disturbed on account of subsidence (at least that is the story spun by the Tory councillors responsible for of the supposed 'renovation' of the building and its grounds).

It is difficult to ignore an apparent synchrony between developments here and intimations of the recent re-occupation by persons unknown of the long-cursed Boreham House (which overlooks the churchyard from across the road) - and how this might relate to long-standing rumours of tunnels and crypts below the Church, supposedly pre-dating the Roman invasion of Britain, and which allegedly connect to various sub-basements beneath the Boreham abode.

In any case, graveyard statuary, now unwanted and displaced from their silent watch over the inhabitants of the burying ground, grieve still for the people of Horsingdon - perhaps in anticipation of some doom that slouches inexorably towards the borough.

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