Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.164: Northwich Masonic Temple

Northwich Masonic Temple, over which James Boreham presided for the better part of the 1920s. The Temple began to acquire something of a sinister reputation during this period on account of the heterodox rites which Boreham supposedly performed in the building's extensive cellars - largely unbeknownst to the longer-standing and more respectable of the establishment's patrons. This eventually led to a sharp fall in membership, as well as threats of violence from the surrounding community in the wake of a series of mysterious disappearances (the responsibility for which was, unsurprsingly, laid at Boreham's door).

Today the Temple is no longer operational, and in an advanced state of disrepair. Despite its abandonment, over the decades there have been occasional reports of missing persons last seen in the vicinity of the building.

During his tour of the Horsingdon region in 1968, Roland Franklyn visited what was by then an uninhabited husk. During his lone, nighttime exploration of the Temple's cellars, Franklyn found evidence of recent ritual activities, as well as a preponderence of curious white spiders which had apparently infested the building. In one unpublished letter documenting his experiences in the Temple, he also admits to withdrawing rather unceremoniously from his search of the lower reaches of the structure after hearing a low throbbing noise emanating from further below - along with the disconcerting sound of something unfeasibly large and inhuman dragging itself in his direction from an adjoining corridor.

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