Friday, June 16, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.167: Horsingdon Bunker

Following a narrow path through Horsingdon Woods to the base of Horsingdon Hill, one eventually encounters a squat concrete archway, overgrown with foliage, and housing a heavy steel door - to which a legal notice is posted, warning the reader against any attempt at gaining entry by order of Horsingdon Borough Council.

In recent years, a rich vein of folkore and legendry has been mined from this curious structure, especially regarding what lies within. A recurrent motive involves curious wayfarers who, on investigating the doorway, are surprised to encounter a shockingly discordant and cacophanous noise - as of great claws being raked across bare metal - emanating from the side of the portal opposite to the listeners: the sound of something monstrous soliciting egress from its underground prison, and seeking entrance into our world.

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