Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.7: Signs and Portents

A photo of the crest of Horsingdon Hill, as viewed from the top floor of a friend's house.

I took this a few days ago, but at the time failed to notice anything in the sky above the hilltop. I have no idea what the black oval object near the top righthand corner of picture might be.

There is a history of strange aerial phenomena being sighted near or from the hill dating back at least to the earliest Anglo-Saxon settlement of the area. Since the 1960s, Horsingdon Hill has acquired a reputation as something of a UFO hotspot. As it goes with such things, it is hardly surprising that Horsingdon Hill is bisected by a ley line. Whatever they may be, such manifestations and intrusions are an inevitable by-product of the fault-lines in reality generated by places such as Horsingdon Hill: where the barrier that circumscribes this world grates and wears thin against those which partition off the many other worlds which invisibly surround ours.

A place where, as local accounts have it, the rites have been howled through at their season.

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