Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.31: The Horsingdon Pentagram

From Horsingdon Hill, overlooking Northwich.

I thought this might constitute a fitting overview, as it were, of the first month of strange anecdotes and psychogeographical forays into the occulted hinterlands that are Horsingdon, Northwich and Southcote. In addition to which, I recently discovered recently Chris Street's crious book London: City of Revelation. Therein he claims that, along with the well-known triangle which Horsingdon Hill forms with Burn Hill and Harlow-on-the-Hill, these hills also form part of an immense pentagram - completed by Belmont Hill, Hobbs Hill and St. John's Hill, with Harlow-on-the-Hill now reconfigured at the centre of the glyph. Further mysteries, no doubt, remain to be unravelled as I delve further into the strange geometries of the region in the coming months.

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