Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.18: The Body in the Underpass

A short but poorly-lit underpass beneath Norwich Park Station links the residential portion of the Northwich suburbs to Northwich Park itself, which edges on to the grounds of the hospital and nearby university campus. There are more than a few odd tales regarding unearthly encounters in the darkest recesses of the underpass; these are, however, typical of the kind of invented spectral narratives often attached to those socially-uncolonised spaces which somehow manage to exist within the guarded confines of suburban modernity.

What I do know (I was shown the photographs by a source within the local police force) is that on a morning in November 2009 a body (which remains unidentified to this day) was discovered in the underpass. The story was kept out of the local press on account of the twisted and contorted nature of the cadavar. The Horsingdon Triangle has known its fair share of bloody murder over the years, so the discovery of the body itself was not the cause of the secrecy. In this instance, it was the peculiarly -distorted state in which the body presented itself that was the issue: a state evidently not due to mutilation or violence - at least of any ordinary kind; indeed, there was no blood at all in or around the crime scene (if this was indeed what it was); rather, the decision not to release details to the press was on account of a once-human body having been remoulded into a new and inhuman form at the behest of some unguessable power.

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