Sunday, January 01, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.1: The Church on Southcote Lane

Some 15 minutes walk from my apartments stands St Osmund's Church (incidentally, Osmund is the patron saint of madness). Built in the 1840s, the church is situated on Southcote Lane, not far from Northwich High Street. It has remained untenanted for some years, but there are have been persistent rumours of strange lights and noises emanating from the within the church steeple...

...and of loping figures that lurk about the cemetary after dark.

The building is currently owned by Horsingdon council, and over the years has been home to number of unconventional religious denominations. You will note the bright spotlights attached to the walls of the building in tne photos below:

These were erected by the local council in the late 1970s, subsequent to a scandal involving an American evangelical sect known as the Church of Starry Wisdom, who soon after were evicted from the premises. I have it on good authority that after this incident, Horsingdon council moved to pass a by-law ensuring that the lights remain on at all times between the hours of sunset and sunrise. My investigations into the matter are ongoing.

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