Monday, January 16, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.16: Boreham House

Boreham House is situated about 200 yards away from the entrance to Boreham Park. This was the Boreham family's main residence after the destruction (by fire) of Boreham Mansion, which had been erected within the park during the 18th Century. Sir James Boreham - the last surviving member of the family - who until his death in 1937 resided in what was later to become Boreham Park Library, had acquired an extensive collection of antiquities from around the British Isles (most dating back to the Roman occupation of Britain and earlier). during his lifetime, most of these were stored for the most part in Boreham House. As noted previously, Sir James Boreham had extensive connections amongst British occultists. Crowley visited him on one occasion, but it seems even he was aghast at Boreham's excesses, and at the occulted depths he had plumbed in search of secret knowledge. In his letters, Roland Franklyn notes that he tried, unsuccessfully, to gain access to the house during his stay in the Horsingdon area. He also claims to have heard heavy, uneven footsteps coming from within, as well as witnessing the outline of something huge and misshapen appearing for a brief moment at one of the upper windows - something, he claims, which exhibited only the vaguest resemblance to the human form.

After Boreham's death, the house remained unoccupied until it was bought by persons unknown a few months back. In recent weeks, lights have been seen in the upper floor of the house, but no one has seen the new tenants. Notably, the re-occupation of Boreham House appears to have coincided with renewed activities in the graveyard of St. Ormunds. My investigations into this matter continue.

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