Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.29: Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

Revisiting some photographs taken during a Summer field trip two years ago, I noticed the unidentified aerial phenomenon in the top left-hand corner of this shot, taken whilst looking out over Northwich from the top of Horsingdon Hill.

In recent years various pressure groups have demanded full governmental disclosure regarding the nature and origin of these phenomena. That such a view might be considered guiless at best is an understatement, for I am of the belief that, whatever their ontological status, these things are as much intrusions into - and disruptions of - consciousness and enculturated systems of classification as they are physical encroachments into (and distortions of) our world from...elsewhere; as such, the naive assumption that these phenomenon can be reductively explained in terms comprehensible to bipedal hominids with slightly larger-than-average brains - or the equally naive assumption that someonesomewhere, knows what is going on - fails to countenance the fundamental chaos and disorderliness that characterises this and every other world.

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