Friday, January 20, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.20: The Terminal Stairway

This short concrete stairway was constructed during recent renovations to the pedestrian bridge that links the platforms of Southcote Station. The stairway gives access to and terminates at the edge of an old brick wall uncovered during the building works.

There is no arch or doorway at the intersection of wall and stair, hence nowhere to go. However, a sheet of tarpauline is firmly affixed to the portion of the wall against which the stair abuts. The reason for this remains unclear, although I did hear from a member of the station staff that something of interest was discovered upon or near that particular section of the wall during the renovation works. This had subsequently been carefully scrutinised by anonymous individuals who my informant believed were 'officials'.

The pathway between Southcote and Nortwich Park stations - A favoured haunt of The Shanklin Man and supposed point of intersection with The Secret Alleys - runs directly behind the wall and stairway.

What this all means I am not, at this moment, in a position to say; but it may be that the esoteric geographies and enigmatic architectures of Northwich and Horsingdon may one day offer a new and unsettling understanding of the structural relations that hold between our world and the other inconceivable universes which often press so forcefully upon it.

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