Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.363: Star-Headed Idol

Last night I found myself being carried over a great, needle-peaked range of mountains to a further realm of glacial horror: a tractless, icy plateau upon which squatted a vast, ruined city of alien design. I will not deign to set down here all of what I saw as I was carried through the interior of that place, but I will say that therein I was exposed to the secrets of the aeons, and to the unspeakable truth regarding the origins of humanity. Furthermore, I witnessed material evidence of an untold and hidden history of our world - one that long predates the appearance or our first hominid ancestors, and which includes an ancient war between the long-dead inhabitants of that place and the monstrous builders of the corpse-city of R'lyeh, to which I now believe I was taken in person two nights ago.

Awakening in my bed this morning, I discovered the above idol resting upon my bedside table as additional proof of the fact that these nocturnal voyagings are more than the disorderly imaginings of a disturbed mind. The item is a worn and ancient statuette representing one of the starfish-headed inhabitants of the alien city to which I was taken that night - and whose duplicates I regularly saw strewn about the ruins of that aeons-old place.

It seems that I have delved too deeply into a primordial body of lore which the human mind is not properly prepared to comprehend, and that in doing so I have attracted the attention of certain agencies who, for some unknown and inconceivable reason are now subjecting me to a surfeit of horrifying revelations regarding humanity's tiny and insignificant place in the cosmos.

There are three final things to relate. Firstly, I believe I am being purposely shown those primal forced which lurk about this planet, and whose awakening will precipitate humanity's ultimate and inevitable demise. Secondly, I believe that over the next few nights I will be carried closer to my final destination. During my journeyings through the tunnels below the city, I witnessed the history of that place carved in elaborate bas-relief. Therein was revealed that, further to the south of that place was existed yet another range of mountains, even more titanic that those over which I was carried to the city. Also shown to me was the fact that, during a more degenerate phase of their civilization, the star-headed things had made horrified and awe-struck obeisance to those mountains - or rather to what lurked beyond them. I now believe that to be my ultimate destination, and the realisation terrifies me.

But there is one final thing. Last night I was set down at a certain place in the caverns beneath that city - a place where black amorphous shapes gambol and roll upon the sheeted ice of a frozen subterrenean sea. In the glassy ice on the shore of that sea where I was briefly set down, I glimpsed  a nightmare shape of pinkish hue with a bulbous protuberance covered in tiny glowing feelers for a face, too-many limbs, and vast leathery wings. In two of its claws the thing clutched a smallish, shiny cylinder, to which various objects and wires were attached. In a moment of madenning realisation, I understood that the cyclinder was myself - or rather, it contained that part of my physical presence in which consciousess resides...

The almost-invisible scarring around my hairline makes sense now, and I realise now that I am either to be subjected to the same awful fate that befell Henry Akeley, or to something much, much worse...

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