Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.359: El Profundo, British Honduras

Yet another troubling dream disturbed my sleep last night - and one which was also a protraction of the previous night's fantastical reverie.

On this occasion, I was carried from the island of black rock and ice across tumultuous seas for what seemed an age, finally being set down amongst monolithic limestone ruins on the edge of a lake surrounded by sweltering jungle flora. Still in the same quasi-incapacitated state I experienced in my previous dream, my limited field of vision was forcibly directed (by my still-invisible and nameless emissary) toward a small chipped limestone block etched with a strange design - at which point the lake began to boil and bubble as if from some vast body rising from its depths. Stricken yet again with a sense of premonitionary fright in anticipation of whatever horror I might witness emerging from the lake's turbulent waters, I awoke from the nightmare.

Reflecting on the disturbing content of this latest oneiric excursion, I soon recalled that an an item in my collection was the precise replica of the partially-shattered limestone rock shown to me in the dream. As with the previous two entries, I cannot help but comment on the the fact that this item was also also acquired (through admittedly unconventional means) from the Miskatonic University museum's special collection. Witholding further comment, I note that this piece - of Mayan origin - depicts a figure referred to in the folklore of the (then) local British Honduran populace as El Profundo:

On what might be an unrelated note, my bedroom window was yet again open upon my waking, despite the fact that I made sure to close and lock the offending apperture the night before. I also noticed, whilst examining my haggared visage in tne bathroom mirror during my morning ablutions, what appeared to be a thin - almost microscopically so - scar running along my hairline...

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