Friday, December 23, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.358: South Georgia Island Artefacts

There is still no update on the hacking of my blog, nor on the origin of yesterday's mystery post (as detailed in this Facebook entry). To be honest, I'm currently disinclined to pursue this further given the bad night's sleep I've just had - precipitated by a strange dream in which I was being carried over black, abysmal, boreal seas by something that buzzed and droned as we flew. Curiously, I was completely unaware of my body during the flight, being in some sort of state of complete paralysis. Whilst I was capable of sight and hearing, my field of vision was limited so that I could not even look down to see myself.

Eventually I was brought to an island of black rock, parts of which were covered in thick sheets of ice and snow, and where there stood a crumbling and abandoned installation of antiquitated (but definitely human) construction. I was taken into one of the buildings, which was in a shocking state of disrepair, where my vision was directed to a small idol carved from ivory, and resting on an decrepit wooden table at which set mindless staring the frozen and dessicated body of an old man. The buzzing and droning of the thing which carried me - but which I was never able to see due to my oddly incapacitated state - became more animated at this point in the dream, such that it seemed to be trying to communicate something of importance to me.

The buzzing grew yet more urgent, perhaps as a result of my failure to respond, following which I was carried off yet again, this time from out the building to a nearby outcropping of basaltic rock. At the base of this appeared a wide opening which tunnelled into the nebulous darkness beneath the island. After a space of time travelling through dank, dripping caverns, I was brought by my unseen companion to a cyclopean stairwell hewn into the rock at strange and unexpected angles, leading even to even deeper and darker climes. Strange symbols - some of which I recognised as being of unimaginably vast antiquity -were etched into the wall of the gigantic stairwell in a seemigly random sequence, but one which nonetheless hinted vaguely at cosmic abnormalities hidden below the perceptible surface of things.

As I was about to be carried downward those stairs, I had the horrid intimation that something monstrous lurked in those depths - something neither fully alive nor fully dead, and on the cusp of wakefullness after an aeons-long slumber. Something of which the ivory idol I had been shown earlier was but a crude representation. Thankfully, the state of panicked terror I experienced at this juncture forced me to wakefulness. I was left both chilled and with a throbbing headache, only to realise that I had left my bedroom window open all night (although I don't recall opening it prior to retiring). No doubt the cold breeze coming from without had affected the content of my dream.
In addition to which, other elements of that night's experience can be further rationalised: as a case in point, the small ivory idol that I encountered during my oneiric flight currently forms part of my collection of strange and unearthly ephemera - although suspiciously this item shares with yesterday's  mysterious entry the fact that it forms part of a package of materials taken from the archives of the Miskatonic University. Whilst I only have the vaguest of recollections of having briefly seen yesterday's items, in this instance I have no recollection of receiving the package, nor any idea of who sent it or when. I have the unpleasant feeling that the both these events are intrinsically linked, in a manner which currently I remain unable to discern...

The idol - found at a whaling station on South Georgia Island in the Antarctic - along with details from Miskatonic University museum's catalogue:

A map of the Antarctic region (South Georgia Island is in the top left corner of the map), along with a photos of the idol and the abandoned whaling station:

Finally, this page of script accompanied the idol. It appears to be written in a very archaic form of hieratic Naacal. Whilst I lack fluency in that archaic tongue, The script here relates to what is referred to as 'one of the Great Ancient Ones from the Stars', who rests somewhere beneath 'The Black Island', which is in turn described as 'a distant outposts of strangely-angled 'R'lyeh':

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