Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.362: The Legrasse Idol (Redux) and Other Strange Discoveries

This morning I was presented with proof positive that something far stranger and more horrifying is happening to me than a simple psychic or occult intervention into my dreams. I am now convinced that I have been subjected to nightly physical abductions by something from the Outside, something thence conveying me - or at least some portion of my bodily presence - to zones of abject horror which resonate with or correspond to with various of the items which I have had occasion to add to my collection over the years.

The proof itself I will return to shortly. However, last night I found myself again relayed - by the same buzzing, droning and unseen agency responsible for my previous excursions - from that strangely-angled and weed-covered city of monstrous and geometrically-proposterous aspect which I had vaguely spied during the previous night's journeying, and up again into the star-trewn abyss of the night sky.

After flying across that starry void for what felt like hours, we coasted low over a colourfully-litten city whose contours I recognised as those of New Orleans. A short-time later we alighted on an small island in a clearing of brackish water deep within the swampy, cyprus-filled wetlands of Louisiana. Therein stood arrayed in a circle a number of ominous, moss-covered monoliths, with another of their kind at its centre. Atop this sat a small bronze idol of cephalopodic cast, covered in some dried reddish or rust-coloured substance - the origin of which I dared not contemplate.

Then, through a gap in the thick cyprus barrier that virtually enclosed that unholy place, I spied a great quivering shape, giving off a sickly white glow from its amorphous mass, and stumbling  through the dense marshy flora towards the clearing. Thankfully, before that maddeningly-suggestive shape fully revealed itself, I felt myself lifted from that place. Moments later unconsciousness took me.

On awakening this morning, I discovered the following: a bronze idol - twin to that which I had witnessed atop the medial megalith from my 'dream' - resting upon the compact escritoire that I keep in my bedroom:

This is not an item that I currently or ever have owned; however, the squid-like features of this gaguely anthropoid puece do bear an eerie resemblance to an earlier entry: a statuette that had previously been in the possession of Raymond Legrasse of the New Orleans police force, recovered during his investigations into the notorious Cthulhu cult. Alongside the bronze idol rested another item: one that does form part of my collection, but which had been removed -unknowingly by me - from its sual place of storage. This piece, whilst of unknown provenance, bears a disturbingly suggestive resemblance to the whitely-phosphorescent and monstrously amorphous thing which, in my 'dream', lurked threateningly at the edge of that nightmarish bayou clearing:

I have no comprehension of what any of this means, but I fear that soon madness - or something worse - will take me...

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