Friday, December 02, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.337: Strange Monolithic Fragment in the Woods

Earlier today I was conducting some field research at a site that I was aware of having been used, over a decade ago, for occult rituals of a distinctly Lovecraftian flavour. Whilst surveying the locale, I came across this rather strange looking sculptural remnant. This was located very plainly at a spot I have been long familiar with; yet I have no recollection of seeing anything like this in the vicinity in years past. Not only that, but the stone fragment seems to have a tentacular or wormy and segmented cast to it. I certainly can't seem to give form to the larger whole of which it is presumably part. But thinking on the exact nature of the cosmically abnormal rites which might have brought this forth from out beneath the earth, it is probably best not to dwell too long upon such things.

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