Monday, December 26, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.361: The Angell Box

It seems that the measures employed via the Necronomicon and the Elder Sign have only been partially effective. Whilst last night's sleep was not disturbed by the same kind of vivid nightmares previously documented, nonetheless my dreams were filled with vague portents of a great seaweed-strewn city of geometrically-perverse design rising from beneath the ocean depths, and of some frightful and madness-inducing horror awakening within the strangely angled catacombs of that impossible city.

These dreams, it seems, were an intimation of sorts: this morning I found myself recipient of a curious package purporting to be an archival collection of material, pertaining to a case investigated by Prof. George Gammell Angell (of Providence, Rhode Island) in the late 1920s. There is no return address for the package, so its origin remains a mystery. Specifically, the contents document Angell's interest in global reach of the Cthulhu cult, and includes testimony from various sources regarding the threat which this cult represents to the continued sanity (and indeed existence) of humanity:

Most notable in relation to last night's partially-disturbed sleep are these items, produced by the sculptor Henry Wilcox, whose own dream experiences seem to parallel mine in some measure:

These items in particular bear a striking resemblance to some of the vague visions which plagued my dreams last night - such that I cannot but help wonder if what I saw was something more than just a dream. It is likely that tonight I will find out, for this morning my bedroom window was yet again found to be unlocked and open, and the pages from the Necronomicon and Elder Sign amulets documented in yesterday's post are now all inexplicably missing.

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