Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.345: Mound Builder Cthulhu

This item was forwarded to me by Professor Joseph Broers of the Miskatonic University's Department of Archaeology, who found it amongst the effects of Sir Albert Arnold Mill subsequent to that notable's mysterious disappearance. According to the catalogue notes provided to me by Prof. Broers, 'Mill acquired the figure in 1933 from an amateur archaeologist...who had uncovered it on a construction site west of the Cahokia Mounds area in Illinois in 1926.' Whilst little else is know about the item, its purported resemblance to a number of other archaeological artefacts (distributed across a wide range of cultural milieux and historical periods) has elicited claims of association with the questionable 'Cthulhu' myth-cycle (whose existence as a genuine body of myth or folklore is disputed by most reputable academics). Knowing of my esoteric predilictions, Prof. Broers sent the artefact to me for safekeeping following an incident involving a visiting research fellow at Miskatonic University who had taken an unhealthy interest in the object, noting as an aside that an unholy stench lingered about the corpse of said unfortunate for some days after his demise.

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