Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.365: Just Beginning

After a night of almost gale force winds, the scaffolding around the St. Osmund's Church has collapsed, and the spire has fallen in on itself, causing severe damage to the interior of the building. If there ever was indeed anything imprisoned within the spire, it is certainly now free to wreak its own particular brand of praeternatural havoc upon the Horsingdon populace.

In an equally sinister turn of events, the Boreham family mausoleum within the grounds of St. Osmund's has been broken into, and the corporeal remains of at least three generations of the Boreham line are now inexplicably missing from their final place of rest. The parties responsible for this desecration have also left two sets of unsettling graffiti within the mausoleum: in the lower level of the crypt (where the Boreham family remains used to lie), someone has inscribed in blood an ancient and prehuman formula - one which employs the sign of the Dragon's Head in the ascending node to invoke a monstrous Name of Power, and which is only ever used in the darkest of necromantic rites. Also scrawled in blood on one of the walls of the mausoleum's ground level, in a hand which looks remarkably similar to that of James Boreham, is the following portentous message: 'This is not the End. This is just the Beginning'.

Whatever this means, it surely augurs dire times indeed for Horsingdon. Let us hope at least that that the good folk of the region - and, indeed, all of us - manage to see out the current year in relative peace and safety.

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