Thursday, December 14, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.348: Ash Circles

Wide, indented circles of grass inexplicable blasted into white ash - like this one near the crown of Burn Hill - have been appearing throughout Horsingdon. Local ufologists cite them as evidence of the landing of extraterrestrial craft; conspiracy theorists claim them as the aftermath of the testing of some powerful Ministry weapon - a sonic beam, perhaps, projected from one of the nearby transmitter arrays; the more esoterically-minded of the region's paranormal investigators argue, for their part, that they are products of votices of praeturnatural energy, released at the apex of one of the black magical conjurations they believe occur regularly at the summit of the hill.

Only the guardians of the Black Bowers know the truth of the matter, and they are so terrified by what the phenomenon portends that they prefer not to speak of it.

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