Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.354: Pallid Masks

As the Yule festivities draw towards their climax, the guardians of the Black Bowers are more likely to be seen in and around those parts of Horsingdon where the region's praeternatural topography grinds hideously against the walls which separate our world from the monstrous Outside. Typically, one will encounter them at such locales around the hours of dusk, engaging in their ritual preparations whilst wearing the sinister, pallid masks which they deem the appropriate ceremonial garb during this particular season.

If thus encountered, one is advised to depart the area quickly and quietly. In such circumstances, it is likely that they will leave you be; however, for those overly-curious souls who take it on themselves to pry too deeply into the work of the guardians at this time of year, a less certain - and far less pleasant - fate awaits: as is likely the case of whoever took the above photo, whose camera was found a few days ago - perhaps left as a warning to others - abandoned and bloodied on the side of Horsingdon Hill.

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