Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.350: The Infinite Stair

The architect who designed this exterior stairwell - part of a Ministry installation near Horsingdon Hill - was sectioned due to a psychotic episode not long after the building's completion, disappearing in mysterious circumstances a few weeks later. This individual, it is rumoured, had long been in the employ of the Ministry, during which time he had been exposed to many of the strange and inhuman secrets which were the currency his employers dealt in - including certain texts said to reveal within their pages the alien principles underlying a hitherto unknown body of non-Euclidean and hyperdimensional geometry.

Within a week of the building having been open for use, three people were known to have disappeared inexplicably whilst travesing the stairwell - only one of whom was discovered, cowering at the top of the stairs, a few days later. This unfortunate was soon after declared irreparably insane.

The points of ingress to and egress from the stairwell have since been concreted over - although it is said that one might occasionally discern unearthly sounds emanating from the other side of these sealed portals.

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