Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.339: Sonic Conjurations

Another transmitter array - this time close to Horsingdon Hill - is subject to a strange visitation. What attracts these curious aerial phenomena to the arrays is unclear, although it seems reasonable to presume that they are responding to the inhuman signals which the transmitters broadcast ceaselesly. 

The region's more occulturally-inclined conspiracy theorists have speculated that the arrays constitute some kind of techno-qabbalistic summoning grid, and that visitations such as those captured in the photo above are less extraterrestrial than they are praeternatural, conjured forth from some unknown abyss for some unthinkable purpose. If this hypothesis proves correct, then one would hope that whoever or whaever is calling these things forth heeds the words by which all cautious practitioners of the esoteric arts abide: 'do not call up that which you cannot put down'.

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