Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.346: The Horsingdon Coven

One of the few extant images of a member of the infamous Horsingdon Coven - whose present-day participants are supposedly the matrilineal descendants of the order's original founders. Whilst a few other photographs do exist of the Coven's activity in and around Horsingdon Woods, none of these have captured the group unmasked or uncowled.

Some say that the Coven's secrecy in this respect is less about maintaining the anonymity of its members who, perhaps, hold high office in the Horsingdon community; rather, it is about concealing from the world visages which evidence an awful and alien heritage: the by-product of their ancestors' couplings with an entity conjured forth from the ranks of Those Who Wait - an unnameable thing which, to this day, the Coven worships in the form of a monstrous, three-eyed goat.

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