Saturday, December 23, 2017

THe Horsingdon Transmissions No.357: Mock Tudor Miasma

A wave of building throughout Horsingdon in the 1930s produced a significant number of houses in the then-popular mock Tudor style - many of which remain standing today. But this being Horsingdon, a history of horror and tragedy lurks behind the kitsch-yet-endearing exteriors of some of these buildings - notably those owned by James Boreham.

A strange, ectoplasmic miasma was recently captured hovering about one such property in the photograph above: a house located on Welbury Avenue, whose cellar Boreham utilised as the site of certain occult experiments.

Whilst the house on Welbury Avenue has a history of paranormal activity, the locale appears to have remained psychically inactive and free from praeternatural intrusions for the past three decades, raising the question as to why there has been an apparent resurgence of such activity, and whether this is due to the spectral architecture of the place having retained some kind of sympathetic link with its previous owner - in whatever speculative realm or state of being that notorious individual might currently exist...

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