Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.150: Shoggoth

To celebrate the 150th post of the Lovecaftian Thing a Day series, I present one of the most remarkable and treasured objects in my collection: an original and unique artwork - which I believe is entitled 'Shoggoth' - produced by the hand of Mr. Dave Carson. I possess many fine and strange things, some of which harbour equally strange properties - but none moreso than this.

I cannot speak as to the manner and circumstances surrounding the creation of this piece, but having spent many long evenings carefully surveying the effigy's weirdly carved contours, it is evident that occult means were employed in its design: the sculpture operates as a kind of psychic gateway or conduit, which opens the inner eye not only to visions of a vast, snowy plateau beyond which looms ominously a range of black, needle-like cyclopean mountains, but also to intimations of monstrous things buried deep within those peaks  - things which lay coldly dreaming, and whose slumber is best not disturbed.

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