Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.133: Early Lower Palaeolitic (Piltdown?) Idol and Elder Sign

This was found resting on a small, naturally-formed ledge within the almost inaccessible cave system within the Iberian Mediterrenean Basin - a system that was apparently widely decorated with a type of parietal art unlike that found in any other location in Europe. Prior to his untimely and unexpected death, the archaeologist who unearthed this idol attached to it a very early Lower Palaeolithic origin (possibly Oldowan). Needless to say, such a claim - if proven correct - would necessitate a radical revision of the currently accepted timeframe regarding the emergence of the first human art - and thus the beginnings of human symbolic thought.

Wrapped around the idol by a length of some sort of twine (a remarkably resilient material, given its speculated age) is a stone amulet, crudely inscribed with the Elder Sign (possibly one of the earliest human renditions of this glyph - assuming, of course, that the piece is indeed the product of human artifice). This has only been removed once - an occasion which, by all accounts, precipitated the spectacularly gruesome demise of its original discoverer. I have been advised by Prof. Broers of Miskatonic University - who kindly forwarded the idol in the aftermath of its owner's death (and who also possess its twin, found in remarkably different circumstances with widely differing speculated origins) - that, on no account whatsoever, should the amulet be removed a second time.

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