Friday, May 13, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.134: Allen Koszowski Print

At NecronomiCon 2013 I had the great privilege of meeting Lovecraftian artist Allen Koszowski, whose work I first encountered in various Lovecraftian publications snd fanzines (notably Dagon) in the late 1980s. At NecronomiCon, Allen was running a stall selling colourized prints of his work for ridiculously low prices, and I'm pleased to say I picked up a good number of them. Even better, Allen was kind enough to sign all of them, during which time he regaled me with a few choice stories about his time on the Lovecraftian scene, including his experiences at various horror conventions in the UK, and his friendship with Brian Lumley (Allen also asked me to say 'Hi' to Brian on his behalf should I bump into him when back in the UK!). This kind of experience is exactly why I love the Lovecraft scene. In honour of Allen, today I present what will almost certainly be the first of a number of his pieces to grace the pages of this blog.

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