Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.142: Ancient Terrible Things!

Ancient Terrible Things is a yahtzee-style dice-rolling game of Lovecraftian pulp horror, where players travel around a stylised board representing weird locations along a mysterious jungle river, seeking to unlock arcane secrets whilst avoiding awakening various ancient terrible things from their aeons-long slumber. The game has quite a unique visual style which fits the theme extremely well, with top-notch components as far as production values are concerned (after The Witch of Salem, this contains what is probably my second-favourite gaming board). That said, Ancient Terrible Things is mechanically similar to Elder Sign, which of the two is my preferred game. The first expansion to Ancient Terrible Things (The Lost Charter) adds solitaire play as well as components that allow you to play the game in a travel format minus the board, which is a nice addition. Not my favourite game of Lovecraftian horror, but one that still occasionally hits my gaming table.

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