Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lovecaftian Thing a Day No.132: A Disquisition Upon the Efficacy of Certain Wards and Seals

I receive occasional enquiries regarding the precise nature of the protective wards and seals I employ to ensure my safety against the (frankly) volatile nature of many of the items in my possession. Those readers of an esoteric inclination will understand the importance of silence in relation to such matters, where an open disclosure of certain secrets could prove disastrous to the world at large. However, I believe it safe enough on this occasion to reveal two of the slightly less baleful instruments from my arcane armoury?

Knowledgeable readers might be aware of certain textual sources which speculate at a relationship between the nightgaunts of primal myth and (amongst other things) that Primordial Being known as Nodens; that, furthermore, Nodens has had occasion to offer protection (albeit in an arbitrary and indifferent fashion) against those Elder Horrors which lurk beyond curved spacetime.These jade statuettes in the shape of said nightgaunts - whose otherwise faceless visages are inscribed with an Elder Sign within an apotrapaic Eye-in-the-Triangle design - were procured for me by the mysterious and elusive Dr. Gage Prentiss (who has been the topic of previous posts); whatever the matter regarding their provenance and relationship to the Lord of the Abyss, these little statues have proven remarkably effective (especially when deployed using the appropriate rites and incantations) as a first line of defence against intrusions by hyperdimensional horrors. You may note a slight blurring of the photographs above: not the product of poor photographic skills, but a peculiar quality inherent to the idols (no one has yet been able to photograph them without this effect appearing on the image) - hinting, perhaps, at the possibility that they exist within or operate at some higher dimensional frequency

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