Sunday, May 08, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.129: In Mayan Splendor by Frank Belknap Long

In Mayan Splendor - a selection of Frank Belknap Long's verse published in 1977 - is another of my all-too small collection of Arkham House volumes. This is a little eclectic In terms of its contents, and perhaps somewhat unusual as an Arkham House publication in that the poems are not exclusively weird or fanastic in theme. That said, this does contain much of interest to the connosieur of weird verse, including some Cthulh Mythos pieces ('When Chaugner Wakes'), riffs on Machen's work ('The White People'), and a closing poem in memoriam H.P. Lovecraft. The volume is also illustrated by the always excellent Stephen Fabian. A worthy read, and one of my favourite little books of poetry.

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