Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The Horsington Transmissions No.213: The Last Church

The Church of St. John has long been abandoned by its congregation, whose numbers were never sizeable in any case. Attempts at renovating or demolishing the building have thusfar resulted in failure - primarily on account of Horsingdon Council refusing planning permission for any projects involving the church. It is said that on entering the church, one does not encounter that sense of peaceful quietude, tinged with a hint of incense, which one typically associates with such sacred spaces; instead, an aura of malignancy is said to hang about its pews and pillars - and it is this which was responsible for the church's eventual dessertion.

According to the guardians of the Black Bowers, the reason for this pervasive aura of dread and lurking evil lies in the fact of the church having been built on a site long sacred to Those Who Wait; in addition to which, the guardians claim it will also become the last church - indeed, the very last church on Earth - when those monstrous Powers return to resume their ministry

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