Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.242: Night Witches

In the folklore of Horsingdon, the long history of strange lights observed fltting through the night sky has often been given local colour and expression in tales of 'night witches', whose burning souls streak across the darkened firmament as, nightly, they go about their evil work.

Whatever the actual nature of such luminous aerial phenomena, there can be little doubt that they cluster around those locales within the region traditionally associated with the dire rites of primordial witchcraft - locales at which such rites are said to have scoured the walls of the world membraneously thin, allowing egress into our realm of things which should not be: things whose amorphous protuberances glow treacherously with a captivating radiance; things like great angler fish swimming through the vast abysses of space, enticing their unwitting victims with a wondrous luminosity toward the fanged maw of some unknowably horrible fate; things which whip the darkness with an immortal hunger which can never be satiated.

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