Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.234: Horsingdon Bunker Field Report 10

Tuesday 22nd August 2017

Pressing on through the darkness, we encounter a corridor of cramped living spaces which opens into what appears to be the bunker's command centre. Both the living spaces and command centre are habitation to strange, silent, staring mannequins. Why they have been arrayed here seems to be part of the incomprehensible ritual logic of the place. Or were they perhaps once human, but since transformed into their current mindless and empty puppet state on account of what they did here?

In the command centre, lever-arch files and ledgers sprawl across the tables - although none of them seem to deal with anything relating to the operation or bureaucracy of the bunker; rather, they consist of techno-occult schematics and algebraic grimoires composed according to an alien mathematics. The monitors and screens in the command centre are all blank. beyond the command centre stands another door from which the incessant throbbing noise emanates more loudly and insistently.

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