Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.218: A Saucer Full Of Secrets

The above photo claims to depict the sideview of a large, saucer-like object which apparently appeared above the rooftops of Horsingdon last night. Such visitations - if indeed they are genuine intrusions from other worlds and not the result of misidentification - are invariably brief, and rarely leave any clue as to their purpose. Witnesses to such manifestations typically infer a meaningful agency behind them - yet the behaviour of these phenomena rarely conforms to comprehensible standards of human intentionality.

There are, however, things about Horsingdon which will always persist in their unknown and unknowable status, some truths which by necessity must remain unutterable - and some secrets which will forever resist disclosure. And or the sake and sanity of the region's inhabitants, that may befor the best.

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