Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.220: Star Spawn

Witnesses to the object shown hovering over Horsingdon Wood in tne above photo claim that it had an organc quality: less like the saucers or black triangles more commonly seen occupying the skies above Horsingdon and more akin to a globular mass, with a tadpole-like tail which moved from side-to-side as if the thing were swimming through some unseen medium. Shortly after the poto was taken, the object slowly faded from sight, as if transitioning into some other, unknown mode of being.

During his stay in the Horsingdon region, Roland Franklyn notes that he had the opportunity to consult a number of manuscripts written by James Boreham, one of which described in detail occult experiments conducted on the crest of Horsingdon Hill, during which Boreham apparently called forth from some benighted abyss something he refered to as 'the grave-looting spawn of the stars' - something which Frankly describes, albeit at second hand, as resembling what the witnesses to the above object claimed to have seen.

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