Monday, August 28, 2017

The Horsingdon Transmissions No.240: The Tower of Silence

1970s Brutalism oversees the Horsingdon landscape in the form of this building, erected on land acquired via compulsory purchase order by the Ministry of Defence and closed to the public (the area within which the structure stands is enclosed by chain-link fencing topped with barbed-wire). Rumour has it that secret tunnels link it to Horsingdon Bunker. No one has ever been seen going into or out of the installation, and it is unclear as to what it's purpose is.

The land around it, however, is stricken by an unnatural silence and appears to be bereft of any animal life whatsoever - except for those figures whic are occasionally encountered looking out from the internal perimeter of the installation: dressed entirely in black military overalls, wearing helmets with reflective visors, always standing stock still, and staring silently and facelessly in a manner that seems to terrify even the most persistant and inquisitive tourists to this strange and unsettling location.

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