Sunday, April 03, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing A Day No.94: A Confabulation of Necronomicons

Today I present The Necronomicon and its 'sequel', The R'lyeh Text, edited respectively by George Hay and Robert Turner, and published by Skoob Books. In fact, the Hay Necronomicon was initially published in 1978 by (yet again) Neville Spearman, the edition that found its way into my local public library - and the reason why I include it as part of this series. Both books are notable for some of the rather interesting essays they also include.

Of all of the fake Necronomicons, for me these two volumes are the ones that come closest to the 'feel' of an actual Necronomicon; even so, they ultimately fall short of what one might anticipate from the real deal - at least if the actual Necronomicon that I have hidden in my collection is anything to go by....

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