Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing. a Day No.110: Nightgaunt! Nightgaunt! (Reprise)

This statue of a faceless, winged thing came into my possession in circumstances too tortuously complex to relate here, other than to say that the price of some things cannot be measured entirely in monetary terms. Needless to say, like many of the items in my collection, this possesses certain unique and peculiar properties, such that, every night before retiring, I have to ensure that the thing is  is covered with a square of black silk (specially procured -  during a certain forbidden necromantic and necrophagous rite I would rather not detail here - from the funerary garb from a corpse which was at least two centuries old), lest I dream of horrid journeyings in which I am borne by the wings of black, rubbery things across monstrous basalt peaks towards a beacon of horribly shining violet light.

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