Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.106: Lovecraft Portait by Jim Pitts

I knew this was liable to happen at some point: I've been working late and just realised I've missed the deadline for the Lovecraftian Thing a Day for Friday 15th April (it's currently 12.55 am on the 16th April, so I've only missed it by 55 minutes; also, I haven't yet gone to bed, so it's still Friday as far as I'm concerned. In any case, it's still 15th April somewhere in the world, and we at Ghooric Zone central aren't ones to let mere snthropocentric concepts of time and space get in our way). Anyway, you can expect a doubl dose of Lovecraftian Thingness on the 16th as catch-up - but for now I present this very fine framed print of HPL by Mr. Jim Pitts.

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