Saturday, April 09, 2016

Lovecraftian Thing a Day No.100: The Legrasse Idol

With our centenary post, today we celebrate another landmark in the Lovecraftian Thing a Day series with what is undoubtedly our favourite Cthulhu statuette. Sculpted by the immensely talented Joe Broers, this version of Cthulhu is based on Lovecraft's own sketch of the Legrasse idol from The Call of Cthulhu. I picked this up from Joe whilst visiting NecronomiCon 2013, where I also had the opportunity to take a photo of the original Lovecaft sketch.

On a different note, the Lovecraftian Thing a Day series was, as I have previously stated, meant as something of a placeholder for more substantial content regarding things weird and Lovecraftian; evidently, that is yet to happen! Indeed, the LTaD series has taken on a life of its own, and I have some ideas about developing it into a more cohrerent and extended project in 2017. However, with the 100th post, I am going to try to commit to posting additional non-LTaD material at least twice monthly, if not weekly - so hopefully you can expect something different from (though in addition to) the Lovecraftian Thing a Day next week. Be seeing you!

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