Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Lovecraftian Thing a Day (2018) No.143: The Forgotten Age

This latest campaign expansion to the Arkham Horror Card Game takes players to the rainforests of southern Mexico to confront a new, horrific threat, with another six smaller scenario packs to follow which will complete the campaign.

I’m intrigued by this, but I’m not sure that the Arkham Horror Card Game is quite hitting the thematic spot for me - I was hoping, after The Dunwich Legacy expansion, more ‘traditional’ Lovecraftian fare involving Innsmouth, Kingsport, and other well-known Lovecraftian locales. I was also hoping, much like the ‘saga’ expansions for Fantasy Flight Games’ Lord of the Rings Card Game (which allow you to play through the entire narrative of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings novels), that we would see similar expansions for AHCG themed around epic tales such as At the Mountains of Madness. Instead, it seems like the game is firmly located in its own, original Arkham Horror universe, which increasingly feels like a separate entity to the ‘canonical’ Lovecraftian cosmos. Still, this is one of the closest things to a solitaire Lovecaftian rpg experience on the market at the moment, so I shall perservere.

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