Tuesday, May 01, 2018

The Lovecraftian Thing a Day (2018) No.121: The Amulet of Celaeno

This amulet is said to be gifted by the secretive Wardens of the Great Library of Celaeno - a vast, monolithic structure which rests upon a storm-lashed spar of barren rock protruding from out the depths of turbulent black seas - seas which otherwise encompass the entire suface of a bleak planet orbiting a star far disant from Earth.

It is also said that the great stone shelves of the Library are filled only with tomes bearing within their cursed pages the monstrous and unfathomable secrets of an elder arcana - one whose secrets have been drawn from the darkest corners of the universe, and from the abyssal depths of those inscrutable realms which lurk beyond known time and space. Other more earthly esoteric texts relate that possession of the Amulet of Celaeno will grant the bearer access to that body of black, forbidden lore.

The Wardens of the Great Library are tall, crooked beings whose bodies and visages remain entirely cloaked and hooded, so that none who have ever visited that dreadful place have ever borne witness to the true forms of those cryptic librarians. The circumstancs by which I became the custodian of this Amulet must forever remain secret; I will, however, allude to the fact that there is indeed truth to the rumour that the Wardens extract a terrible price from those seeking to consult the library’s holdings...

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